The Great SSL Saga

After getting fully fed-up with the hacks and other cyber-assaults I’ve faced with my handful of websites, I decided to get serious and upgrade my interwebs security all around. I won’t go into all the particulars, for obvious reasons; but I will share what I did for my online holdings, such as they are.

The cornerstone of this effort was getting SSL certificates installed on all my domains, and making sure web traffic and mail both went encrypted online. This was no small to-do for somebody like me. (I’m not really that geeky, but I pretend to be so I can bill confidently.)

Sure, I’ve run my own web hosting account for decades now; and I am my own webmaster. I “taught myself” HTML (with lots of help from my patient Brother); so how hard could it be to mastermind some SSLs for my domains?

The answer, I came to learn the hard way: Is that there is much to learn, and you’d better know what you’re doing before tinkering too much with server settings.


I’m going to go do something else right now, but I’ll pick-up from here. In the end, I’ll explain how I installed FREE SSL certificates on all my domains, got my websites to look right with the green lock and all, and figured-out how to make my emails go to where they needed to be. It’s a long story, and I’ll surely need screenshots; but the result I hope will offer more guidance than I found in any one spot — to help you too encrypt your domains/sites and emails FOR FREE!


Stay tuned…….

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